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Vision & Mission of the Organization

Vision of the Organization
A world where individuals have dignity and self respect and people respect each other without the barriers of poverty, gender, caste and religion. Beside this, whole development (socio, eco, political & spiritual) should be necessary for better development of whole society. Our main aim has been to convert the individual dreams into a collective consciousness through community convergence and participatory approach with the tools of self as well as social awareness.

“If We Can Dream It We Can Do It.”
We know that the path we’ve chosen is long and arduous yet our morale is on a high, we don’t claim that we’ll change the whole society, but through our honesty, education and hard work we might just succeed in making some difference.

Mission of the Organization
Islamic Educational Welfare Association wants to betterment of the society in proper manner. So that, every problematic person can get appropriate opportunity for their better development. Through which, society can do better development of their people.

• To create a kinder and more united society and to enable poor, rural communities to improve their social and economic condition/situation through participatory development.

• To create innovative models of sustainable development that can be replicated in India and throughout world.

• To empower community members to sustain projects activities autonomously and to launch new development endeavors for the improvement of their communities.


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