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Aims & Objectives

a) To provide for education of Muslim Boys and girls according to the principals and teachings of Islam and for this purpose to setup Schools, Colleges and other educational Institutions.

b) In general to disseminate learning and education in accordance with the basic conception for Islamic teachings and in particulars in the light of the principals embodied in the glorious Quran and the traditions of the prophet;

c) To inculcate in the minds of Boys and Girls students, reading in such educational institution, health views and to remove from their minds of all kinds of Un-Islamic Concepts and superstitions.

d) To impart secular education in such a manner that inall respect it has an Islamic orientation and religious spirit.

e) To make all efforts to recruit on the teaching staff of the institutions under the control and or management of the Society, persons, who have a fair conception of Islamic teachings and principals, and who practice the same in deeds and actions.

f) To strive through the institutions set up under the control and or management of the society, to train students in an Islamic atmosphere and to urge upon them to practice Islamic principles for the large.

g) To set up, establish and run libraries and reading rooms in order to provide for a wider study of books and periodicals on Islamic subjects.

h) To organize debates, seminars, gathering, discourses, meeting conference and or conventions for discussing and /or debating matters, topics and/or subjects teaching Islamic teachings and way of life.

i) To grant award distribute and/ or pay aids, scholarship, stipends and/or book grants to deserving, poor, indigent, needy and meritorious students.

j) To establish technical schools hospital and press and publication Division for the benefit of students in particular and common people in General.

k) For the attainment of the aforesaid aims and objects to raise funds by public donations, accept gifts in cash or kind and / or to acquire properties for and in the name of the Society.

l) To promote research, development and adoption to technology for improving the life, working condition opportunities for granting employment of women & youth especially in rural areas, slums.

m) To propagate scientific literacy to the rural masses, sensitize rural women, youths and scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward communities in the application of Science and Technology in rural development in particular and in everyday life in general.
i. Work for application of Bio-technology in rural areas for the benefit of youths, women, SC/ST population.
ii. Work for science & technology communication.
iii. Work for entrepreneurship development & training in the field of science & technology application.

n) To undertake and participate in programmes pertaining to health, youth affairs & sports, employment etc. in the field of rural and urban development.

o) To stimulate peoples involvement and organize community action in the fields of social, economic, cultural and scientific development and to establish, maintain and conduct weaving, knitting embroidery and other art centers for the development or women and to establish khadi and Village industries programmes, agriculture, pisciculture, livestock cum piggery, poultry etc. a. To establish Cultural centre, Museum & libraries.

p) To combat the menace of consumption of alcohol and drugs by creating awareness and education people about the ill effects of alcohol and drug abuse, and to evolved culture specific modes for prevention of drug abuse and treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts including involvement in the control programmes of STD/HIV/AIDS crisis. a. To work for population stabilization & family welfare activities. b. To work for Blood donation & Eye care camp.

q) To organize camps, public meetings, seminars, conferences and mass programmes.

r) To undertake and promote in-country and out country adoption of children

s) To encourage the legal awareness camp for the benefit of the rural public.

t) To undertake and promote education.

u) To educate, organize and actives people in overcoming the influence of traditional, social, economic, legal, administrative, cultural, psychological and other barriers which adversely affect the development and SIRD of social and economic justice and human development.

v) To adopt and promote various social, cultural and welfare activities.

w) To work for conservation of environment, plants & Animal.

x) To create awareness regarding environment & environmental education.

y) To work for Horticultural & vegetable plantation.

z) To arrange and manage the consumer awareness camp,

1) To work for dissemination, promotion and protection of Art and culture as well cultural heritage.
2) To open, found establish, promote, set-up, run maintain, finance support and or aid and / or aid and help in the setting up the different Mandir, Masjid.
3) To arrange and manage the training institution in Typing Short Hand Computer information technology, Fine Arts, Craft, Music Painting Modeling, Cutting & Tailoring, Yoga, Physical Education and other social activities of Awareness Programs, Adult Education. Classes Lectures, Essay Competitions Exhibitions, Symposium, cultural Programs, Press Conference and Seminars.
4) To institute scholarships and help to deserving students and to institute and award prizes in recognition of excellence in academic performance of students.
5) To create a forum for Senior Citizens where they can exchange their various views and experiences, which may be, make available to younger generation.
6) To arrange and organize EYE and BLOOD donation camp.
7) To carry on community development programmers/activities and also construction and development the community Hall, Brat Guar. Dharmshalas, Sulbh Sauchalayas Old-aged Home, Mobile Health Van, Health Care Centers, Charitable Dispensaries, Hospital. Libraries, reading room. Play grounds stadium (Both open and Indoor) Yoga Training Centers, Anganwari, Balwari, Studios, Drama Stage and other training and research institute for the attainment of the Aims and projects of the society.
8) To promote literacy, cultural and other social activates of Awareness Programs, Adult Education Classes, Lectures, Essay Compactions Exhibitions, Symposium, Cultural Programs, Press Conferences and Seminars.


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